Welcome to the new LAPS Membership Gallery!
LAPS Members! You are elligible for a membership account that will let you log-in and upload your latest images, then update your images and information whenever needed. Members may link to personal websites and blogs and use the LAPS Gallery along with other artistic promotions. 

To begin, contact the LAPS administrator to request your new personal LAPS account. Then log in here and begin using your new account. LAPS members can upload 6 JPEG images( see image prep below), PDFs of current resume, artist statement and add links to your artist website and blog on your personal gallery page.

This is your page on the LAPS website to claim!

IMAGE PREP: To find how to prepare and format your images for digital presentation in the LAPS Gallery, CAFE Entry has posted easy to use guidelines that work well and are easy to follow. Each image should be in JPEG format and a maximum of 2M. Or follow these directions:

Formatting your images for the LAPS Gallery

Digital Imaging Tutorials and Resources

Please contact us with any questions or suggestions anytime.

To submit your work for the LAPS Gallery by CD and "snail" mail: Members without computer or web access can send a CD with image JPEGS and PDF files.

1. All images should be JPEGS at 72 DPI with dimensions of 1024 wide x 768 high. The image mode should be in RGB color. Artists may send up to six (6) images of recent work. Images should be rotated and cropped for proper viewing orientation and named with your last name, title, media dimensions and date. (see below) It helps if you include a separate information sheet listing your slides, either as a PDF on your CD or on paper.

How to title your images:

Weiss_Flirting with Devils, reduction woodcut, 30x22, 2005.jpg

2. All statements and resumes should be in PDF format and included on your CD. Information to appear under your name on your personal artists page, should be no more than 50 words or three sentences. Think of this as an introduction to your work, your subject or your interests in printmaking.

3. Artists may include a link to personal artist website and blog, provide secure contact information and/or a brief statement about work, as mentioned above.

Information on preparing digital imagery for the web is here. More information about using digital photography in printmaking is here.

Please note these are new requirements for the web site, but do not affect the artists who have already sent in CDs formatted at 800 x 600.

Send your CD with image JPEGS, resume, statement and web site info along with a separate title sheet for your JPEGs and contact info to:

Mary Sherwood/
Studio M Sherwood
830 1/2 N Citrus Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Any other questions, please contact me at studiosherwood (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

Thank you.