With your LA Printmaking membership, you become part of a national membership based in Los Angeles, an exciting and dynamic world art center. Your memberhship allows you participation in exhibitions in and around Los Angeles and southern California, as well as in notable national and international venues. Your membership helps support all LA Printmaking projects including the quarterly newsletter Interleaf, a journal the Newsprint and exhibitions curated by notable jurors and venues around southern California.
Become a member and join an active creative community!

Artist: annual dues: $50
Benefits: Invitations to exhibit in LAPS sponsored exhibitions. Subscription to "Newsprint" and "Interleaf". Opportunity to exhibit your work in the new members show and post your work on your own page in the LAPS Membership Gallery. Invitation to post notices on the LAPS Yahoo Groups and the LAPS Facebook Page.
To qualify, artists must submit a membership application with 6 prints. 3 jurors choose new artist members twice a year in the Spring and Fall. See Membership Application for more information. Check the Calendar for the specific dates of the next new member jury. To get more information contact the LAPS website administrator.

Student: annual dues: $15
Benefits: Participation in all membership exhibitions, including juried shows. Subscription to "Newsprint" and “Interleaf". Variety of special events such as visiting artists, workshops and open portfolios, and opportunities to expand teaching experiences.
LAPS Student Membership Application

Associate: annual dues: $40
Benefits: Invitations to all openings. Subscription to "Newsprint" and "Interleaf". Reduced rates for special events. Receive all catalogs and posters published by LAPS during the year.

Patron: annual dues: $150 or $225
Benefits: Same as associate member, but patrons help support our Foundation. As such they are invited to special patron events and may choose one or two original signed prints from our collection by artist-members.

LAPS Artist Membership Application
Download and print a copy of the form. Include the filled out application in

InterleafLAPS Membership Application

Or make a check or money order payable to: "LA Printmaking"

Send to:
Kay Brown, LAPS Treasurer
P.O. Box 1547
South Pasadena, CA  91031

LAPS members meet twice a year in the Spring and Fall to review slides and prints presented by applicants for LAPS artist membership. All other membership levels are open year round for application.

Current LAPS Artist Members:
Membership dues are due annually each January and are considered overdue by March 10th and increase to $60. Membership lapses after one year and to reapply artists will have to pay for the missed year or go through the jury process again.

Please send* your yearly dues to:
Kay Brown, LAPS Treasurer
P.O. Box 1547
South Pasadena, CA  91031

*Or respond to the yearly Membership email link to PAYPAL