October 13–November 10, 2007
Old Town Gallery

The Los Angeles Printmaking Society presented prints from new members at
The Old Town Gallery in Tustin, California. Participating artists are Janet Badger, Julie Brown-Smith, Lindsay Buchman, Sungho Choe, Chris Dovey, Myrna Orenbach Dwyer, Mathew Egan, James Ehlers, Erica Fujita, William Holt, Pamela Houlihan, Michele Jamison, Kota Onouchi, Carol Kreider, Carolyn Liesy, Gerald Marcus, Peter Leone McCormick, Candace Nicol, Sarah Pavsner, Rodolfo Salgado JR, Sharon J. Smith, Anne Van Oppen, Joseph Vorgity and Cathy Weiss. The Old Town Gallery is a regular showcase for printmaking artists in southern California.