The Irish exchange exhibition between the Los Angeles Printmaking Society and the Black Church Print Studio (BCPS) Dublin, Ireland
Exhibition; January 9 through January 28, 2012 at
at Monster Truck Gallery, 4 Temple Bar, Dublin 2
event photo
Monster Truck Gallery is located in the heart of Dublin’s Cultural Quarter, Temple Bar. It is a dynamic space dedicated to presenting and pro- moting the visual arts in Ireland. It is an award winning and leading contemporary art gallery in Dublin which exhibits a diverse range of early career and established artists. It is also a platform for Black Church Print Studio to showcase two exhibitions annually.
Black Church Print Studio was established in 1982 and is also located in Dublin’s Cultural Quarter, Temple Bar. BCPS is an artistic collective and one of the leading contemporary fine art print studios in Ireland. The studio is a fully equipped facility for all types of fine art printmaking from traditional to innovative techniques. Approximately two hundred artists use the workshop annually. Follow the Monster Truck Gallery blog to find out more about this interesting venue and all their activities. Here is the online exhibition announcement for From Dublin to LA & Back.
Participating LAPS Artists:
Askin, Walter
Avery, David
Bernstein, Shirley
Cartledge, Jonathan
Clark, Cathy Jean
Dunne, Jessica
Fausti, Eduardo
Fletcher , Cynthia
Furst, Donald
Goldberg, Eric
Greco, John
Ha, Yeung
Hackenmiller, Karla
Haselbacher, Nancy
Jacobs, Gail
Johnston-Schuster, Ann
Lanselle, Mako
Lyke, Linda
Marshall, Enrica
Martinez, Betty
McComas, Jean
McLeod, Diane
Murillo, Michelle
Nye, Joan T
Paller, Gary
Schweitzer, Masha
Sherwood, Mary
Siniossoglou, Amaryllis
Sosalla, David
Szujewska, Laurie
Thorington, Caroline
Tolley, Chadwick
Uriu, Noriho
Voogd, Vinita
Wiesblott, Monica
Weiss, Deborah
Weiss, Cathy
Winkler, Michele

For a From Dublin to LA & Back exhibition flyer (PDF)