LA Printmaking presents a special collaborative project on view in the upcoming 2019 SGCI exhibition at the Union Gallery in University of North Texas; "Perspectives from the West"
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THANKS to all the artists participating in the upcoming installation at the 2019 SGCI!
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Exhibition Summary:
This is a collaborative exhibition that asks artists to respond to the complicated and layered themes around “Migration” as part of a unique visual exploration. There is no juror or jury, just participation of your art is requested for several exhibition and installations in the next 2 years.

As a natural process migration brings to mind compelling images of caribou herds, butterfly swarms and flocks of birds. An annual ritual following the seasons that sustains these populations and supports others, connecting flora and fauna. There are also migrations that occur as reactions to disasters, from crisis, fear, hunger, political upheaval or war, with whole populations suddenly becoming refugees, endangered, homeless, and immigrant. The impact of change and transition on the environment, on culture, language and on history, is an eternal process that begins with the process of migration.

Each participating artist is asked to create a 15” right-angle triangular print. These triangles will be pieced together, regardless of orientation, to create one large mosaic print.
It is hoped this collaboration will explore this innovative creative participation as well as present visually the conceptual migration of themes and ideas, interactions and interpretations, as the individual becomes part of the whole.

To Participate: This project will be an ongoing traveling exhibition with various venues, beginning with the 2019 SGCI at University of North Texas, Denton at UNT Union Gallery, March 1st-15th, 2019.

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Full Prospectus here!

Artists are encouraged to create more than one print! 
All artists will be identified and listed as participants on an online resource dedicated to this collaborative project, including posters and postcards, along with visual documentation of all artwork committed to the mosaic and publicity for the project.

All prints are the same size: 15” right-angle triangles (see diagram of 2 triangles above) with 21” on long side. Also called Half Square Triangle, so 15"x 15"x 21".
Note that 2 triangles can be made from one 15” square paper or plate and 4 triangular prints are possible from an average sized printmaking paper of 30”x 20”.

Imagery may be abstract, but should contain some reference to the theme of MIGRATION.
Orientation is not guaranteed and triangular, so no edges please.
Print to the corners- Bleed Prints only!
Signatures on the back. Please include a personal statement when filling out your Participation agreement on CAFE Entry.
This collaboration will continue to grow and find other venues, so become a part of this big MIGRATION!"

Don’t Delay! Work must be received in Los Angeles by 
February 15th, 2019!
Mail Prints to: M Sherwood Brock 2415 VADO DR. LA CA 90046

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Participation Agreement is now posted on CAFE entry - see link above.

Prints due in Los Angeles for compiling into mosaic: Feb. 15th, 2019

2019 SGCI/Texchange Venue:
UNT Union Gallery, 2nd Floor, 1155 Union Circle, Denton, TX 76203 
  Friday March 8th, 5–7pm